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Leadership Essays

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Leadership Strategies in Remember the Titans

My First leader is Herman Boone. He had a dictative leadership style. Boone believed that through cooperation of the entire team will lead to a win.

History and Evolution of Leadership

A look on the history of leadership finds that the literature on leadership & performance can be broadly categorized into a number of important phases.

Strategies to Motivate Employees

Motivation of employees in the workplace is one of the fundamental responsibilities of a manager, in order to achieve high levels of productivity…

Effective Leadership And Successful Leaders

A view of leadership as it pertains to equality in education for all students regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status will be reviewed…

Analysis of Leadership Agility Theory

Leadership is in a constant flux, driven by the dynamics of an ever-changing global landscape. Competition has never been fiercer, times have never been…

Developing Leadership and a Team

Participating in or observing the development of a team is absolutely interesting, sometimes it is disturbing, often both. So many factors influence…

Leadership Theories and Styles

Leadership theories refers to the approach that a manager adopts in order to exercise authority in the work place and be able to direct staff.

KBR Leadership Essay

KBR has developed a motivating culture for its personnel, there is a small distance between the upper management and the lower management…

Leadership Reflection Journal

I knew my weakness and I had my words of wisdom echoing in my mind again and again. The first step was taken and the rest would surely follow.

Leadership: A Personal Opinion

Good leadership actions are defined as working with patient within groups, creating roles, replying to feedback in an suitable manner, and discussing…

Working With and Leading People

In this assignment we will apply our knowledge against the given xyz ltd. to recruit new employee and achieve their mission.

Traits of a Leader

Leaders do not command excellence, they build excellence. Excellence is “being all you can be” within the bounds of doing what is right for ..

Leadership Perspectives and Theories

Discussion about two fundamentally different perspectives toward leadership development – ‘Leaders are born’ and ‘Leadership skills can be developed’.

Qualities of the Effective Leader

In every form of community, there is always one person or a group of people who manages or handles the issues, known as a leader.

The Impact of Leadership on Business

This essay will discuss the impact of leadership on businesses. Leadership concepts can be categorised into three main theories…

Organizational behaviour | Knowledge and power

Because power operates both relationally and reciprocally, sociologists speak of the balance of power between parties to a relationship: all parties to all…

Leadership Essay – A Good Leader

An undergraduate essay on leadership describing the qualities and characteristics of a good leader and models of leadership.

Leadership And Change Management

Leadership is a sequence of multidirectional, reciprocal influence processes among many individuals at different levels, in different subunits a…

Managing and leading People

In this assignment, our topic is to examine how the domains of wellbeing can become the cultural norm within an organization and the extent to which…

Leadership theories and models

The main purpose of leadership and management is to accomplish the goal effectively. There are many activities of management which are similar with…

Leadership And Teamwork In Action

The following report reflects on some points raised during the event, and aims to show examples of leadership and teamwork in action. The report also discusses …

Perspectives on leadership

The quality of leadership is one of the most important factors in determining the success and survival of groups and organization. Often effective leadership…